Atlantic Strongman Competition Set to Flex its Muscle at Tide Fest

Top male and female competitors from across Atlantic Canada to converge on East Hants during July 14th 15th weekend

The top male and female strongman competitors in Atlantic Canada will be showcasing their talent July 14th and 15th at the East Hants Sportsplex. The two-day event, which will see at least 20 male and female competitors seeking to earn a berth to the Canadian Championship, is being hosted by Renfrew Strength and Conditioning Center and held in conjunction with Tide Fest.

The Atlantic Strongman Competition is a regional qualifier for the Canadian Strongman
Competition which is aired on TSN. Top competitors at the Canadian Championship level can qualify for Arnold’s Classic an international competition of some of the strongest people in the World.

“I think people are going to be pretty impressed with what the competitors are going to be able to do, whether it is deadlifting a car, pulling an 18-wheeler, our hope is to make the event really entertaining,” said Mark McManus owner of Renfrew Strength and Conditioning Center. The Strongman Competition is comprised of (7) seven events over two days and includes: Truck Pull, Yoke Carry, Framers Carry, Flip, Carry, Drag Medley, Car Deadlift, Stone Lift, and the Log Press.

The Strongman Competition will be held in conjunction with Tide Fest, adding to the existing Washer Toss, Music, Ball Hockey, and Community Fair activities from 2017. “From the Tide Fest perspective, we felt this was a perfect fit, because it adds another event, another reason to come to Tide Fest, and we expect to draw interest from inside and outside East Hants,” explained Come Home East Hants Association President Kody Blois. Any surplus revenue beyond the event costs will also be reinvested back into the local community through Tide Fest, something McManus said was important for his group. “The whole concept of Tide Fest is an event which supports and showcases community, and we wanted to ensure any revenue beyond the expenses of the Competition are reinvested into East Hants”.

A full weekend pass for a group of (4) is $25, individual weekend passes are $10, and individual day passes are $7. Full weekend passes will be available online at leading up to the event, and tickets will be available at the door as well. In addition to the Strongman Competition itself, there will be community based activities allowing youth and adults to interact and try their hand at some of the activities.

“Our hope is to ensure that those coming to watch are able to both see the competition and participate as well,” said McManus who is serving as the Chair of the Competition.

More information on the Atlantic Strongman Competition, including how to be involved with Sponsorship can be found at or or by contacting Mark McManus at