Thank you to Integrity Homes for sponsoring our 2022 Ball Hockey Tournament!

*DEADLINE to register for ball hockey is Friday, July 8*

After a pandemic-sized pause in the action, Tide Fest ball hockey is back in action for 2022!  As in the past, we are thrilled to provide an opportunity for kids to get out and play ball hockey with their friends at Tide Fest, and this year they will be doing so inside on Ice Pad B – so fewer sunburns and dehydration for everyone!

Our tournament and the organization of our pools are all based on the demand we receive from teams.  We try to follow precedents laid out by local hockey organizations, Sport Nova Scotia, and other ball hockey tournaments based on age and gender for the registration categories. We may need to make adjustments and add or remove categories based on the number of teams registered as well as from helpful input from parents and guardians on where they think their teams are best suited for safe and enjoyable fun.  The motivating purpose of the tournament is fun, rather than intense competition.

If you have any concerns about what registration category you would like to/expect to see your team placed, please contact Tournament Chair Mark Sweeney ( for more information.

Anticipated Categories for 2022:

  • Mini (5-8; Equivalent to HNS U7 and U9) (Open)
    • If there is enough demand this could be split into U7 and U9
  • Youth Junior (9-10; Equivalent to HNS U11) (Open)
  • Youth Intermediate (11-12; Equivalent to HNS U13) (Open and Female)
  • Youth Senior (13-14; Equivalent to HNS U15) (Open and Female)

The tournament is a 3 vs. 3 format with goalies. Each team is required to have a minimum of 5 players up to a maximum of 9 players.

Players can play up an age category, but cannot play down.

All Open divisions can have all-male/combination/all-female teams, while Female divisions are female only.

Tide Fest Ball Hockey Tournament Game Rules:

  • Length = two periods x 15 minutes each
  • Five minute warm prior to each game
  • Three-minute rest between periods
  • If tied in regulation a sudden death shootout will determine the winning teams

Thanks to Enfield RFC for running our ball hockey tournament! Proceeds from registration will go to benefit their organization.

enfield rfc

Past Registration Snapshot:

2019: 20 teams total
Mini (3 teams)
Youth Junior (4 teams)
Youth Intermediate (6 teams)
Youth Senior (7 teams)

2018: 26 teams total
Mini (8 & Under; Intro and Novice – Open (4 teams))
Youth Junior (9&10; Atom – Open (4 teams))
Youth Intermediate (11&12; Peewee – Male (10 teams))
Youth Intermediate (11&12; Peewee – Co-ed (3 teams))
Youth Senior (13-15; Bantam – Open (5 teams))