East Hants Soccer Club: presents the Tide Fest Adult Soccer Tournament

Returning in 2022: Tide Fest and the East Hants Soccer Club’s Tide Fest soccer tournament! Co-ed teams will once again go head-to-head for some 5-on-5 soccer indoors at the East Hants Sportsplex Dome.

Registration information and other details can be found on the event’s Facebook page:


CONGRATS TO 2019 WINNERS: Show Us Your Cleats!
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The Tournament is designed for fun, recreational purposes and attitude and conduct on the field should reflect this.

Game Play 

  • Standard laws of the game apply, except where otherwise stated in this document
  • Games will roughly be 2 x 20 minute halves with a 5 minute halftime
  • Games will be played on 1/6 field (as laid out at the East Hants Sportsplex Field House facility and Maple Ridge field)
  • Games will be 5 v 5 with a minimum of 1 female player on the field per team at once (each team will field 1 goalkeeper and 4 outfield players)
  • If a team captain is not available for a game, the team will designate a player to act as captain for that game
  • Substitutions can be made at any time and are unlimited and all outfield players must sub once each half(with the exception of keepers). Substitutions should be made in a manner to give all of a team’s regular players equal playing time. Teams will self-govern playing time and substitutions.
  • No offside rule
  • All free kicks are indirect
  • A maximum of 2 goals per player are allowed
  • For player safety, no sliding tackles are allowed. For purposes of this league, a sliding tackle will be defined as any time a player intentionally goes to ground, feet first, in an area where contact with another player is possible.  Sliding tackles will be called at the discretion of the referee, and the referee’s decision is final. In the event that a player slide tackles he/she has to sub immediately and an indirectfree kick is awarded to the opposition.  Further offences from the same team will result in a penalty kick regardless of where the offence took place on the field.


  • Being a recreational league, teams are expected to self-referee games. If a volunteer referee is available, players are expected to treat the referee in a sportsmanlike manner at all times. If a referee is not available, on field decisions will be jointly made byteam captains.
  • A team roster will consist of a minimum 5 players.
  • All players must be 19 years or older and each team may only field 2 players between the ages of 19 and 25
  • If a team cannot field 5 of their own players (including 1 female) 5 minutes after the designated start time, the match is awarded to the opposing team.  An exhibition game will be played with the players available.
  • Players not registered for the Tidefest co-ed adult soccer tournament are not permitted to play. Any team fielding an illegal player will forfeit that game.
  • All players are expected to adhere to the rules and guidelines for use of the East Hants Sportsplex facilities
  • There will be no call-ups.