The Come Home East Hants Association is a non-profit society created in collaboration by a number of community based organizations. Please see below for a list of organizations, how they are involved, and how profits from the event will be reinvested in our community.

East Hants Sportsplex

The Sportsplex is a center for community in East Hants. Revenue generated from Tide Fest go towards operational costs for the Sportsplex allowing for the facility to maintain its programming, and handle any future infrastructure costs.

East Hants Sport Heritage Society

The Sport Heritage Society currently operates the East Hants Sport Hall of Fame and Sport Awards. Revenues from Tide Fest will allow the Sport Heritage Society to ensure that the Hall of Fame and Sport Award programming continues, while creating the opportunity for the Hall of Fame expansion, and Sport Award bursary program to come to fruition. The Sport Heritage Society hosts the Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony at Tide Fest.

Enfield RFC

The Enfield Rugby Football Club is a community based organization which serves as the primary club for residents in the Municipality and abroad. Revenues from Tide Fest will go towards supporting Enfield RFC operations including: the mini-rugby program, player and coach development, and ongoing collaborative enhancements at the Lion’s Den with the Enfield, Elmsdale & District Lions Club. Enfield RFC will host the Tide Fest ball hockey tournament.

Corridor Community Options for Adults

CCOA will provide all the washer toss boxes for the event. CCOA is a program designed to offer opportunities for adults with mental disabilities, and our intention is to continually utilize their services from year to year, allowing for them to expand and maintain their current programming.
Community Donations
After a very successful Tide Fest 2017, hundreds of dollars in surplus money was donated to local organizations including Maple Ridge Elementary, Caring and Sharing Food Bank, Shumilacke Foodbank and others.
Thank you for supporting Tide Fest and our community!