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Open Division 

  • Each team will be put into a division of five teams. Each team will be guaranteed four matches against the other teams in their division with the top team in each division qualifying for playoffs.

Prize: The winners of the open division will take home a $250 prize, other top finishers will be awarded with local prizing such as gift certificates to local businesses.

Competitive Division 

  • 8 divisions of 6 teams, with the top 4 teams in each division moving on to Sunday’s playoffs. Each team will be guaranteed seven matches against the other teams in the division.
  • The tournament will begin with the round robin happening on Saturday, and the Playoffs concluding on Sunday

Prize: First place winners in the competitive division will take home $2,000! Second place winners get $500, and third + fourth-place teams will receive $250! 

Group Pic 1

At Tide Fest in 2017, 612 participants took part in the largest tournament, and the documentation is currently being reviewed by Guinness World Records. After a weekend of throwing washers it was Mike Gulliver and Romeo Leblanc of New Brunswick who took home the $2,000 top prize. Pat MacDonald and Kenny Newcombe from the Annapolis Valley finished 2nd collecting the $750 prize.