Last year we pulled off the largest washer toss tournament the world has ever seen – LET’S GO ROUND TWO! Read on for tournament details and info on our new divisions for 2018.


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Whether you’re a first-time player, a seasoned veteran, or somewhere in between – the Tide Fest Washer Toss Tournament is sure to be one of the highlights of YOUR summer! Which division is for you: competitive or open? See below for further details about each tournament:

Open Division (July 14)

  • Cost: $20 per player ($40 per team) 
  • Each team will be put into a division of five teams. Each team will be guaranteed four matches against the other teams in their division with the top team in each division qualifying for playoffs. *If numbers permit, the playoff format may include the top two teams from each division.
  • The tournament will begin on Saturday and end on Saturday times TBD

Is this division for you? If you are interested in competing, but maybe not ready to go head-to-head with the region’s top players, this would be a good division for you. First-time playing washer toss? This division is for you. Not worried about the score and more concerned whether there will be a cold beer in between games? This division is for you!

Prize: The winners of the open division will take home a $250 prize, other top finishers will be awarded with local prizing such as gift certificates to local businesses.

Competitive Division (July 14 & 15)

  • Cost: $40 per player ($80 per team). Registration will close 1 week prior to the event or when 64 teams have registered.
  • Each team will be placed in a division of eight teams. Each team will be guaranteed seven matches against the other teams in your division, with the top four teams in each division qualifying for playoffs.
  • The tournament will begin with the round robin happening on Saturday, and the Playoffs concluding on Sunday
  • The Competitive Division will be capped to the first 64 teams registered, unless there is significant interest warranting expanding the division.

Is this division for you? Think you have what it takes to compete with some of the best? The competitive division is recommended for teams that it would be a rare occasion that they do not put at least one of their three washers in the box on any given turn. This division will include some of the best washer toss players in the Maritimes and abroad.

Prize: First place winners in the competitive division will take home $2,000! Second place winners get $500, and third + fourth-place teams will receive $250! 

Group Pic 1

At Tide Fest in 2017, 612 participants took part in the largest tournament, and the documentation is currently being reviewed by Guinness World Records. After a weekend of throwing washers it was Mike Gulliver and Romeo Leblanc of New Brunswick who took home the $2,000 top prize. Pat MacDonald and Kenny Newcombe from the Annapolis Valley finished 2nd collecting the $750 prize.


Click here to see official rules for the tournament >